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British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader assessment (4 star)

Course summary

SKC only uses experienced BC assessors. We aim to give you an assessment in realistic conditions allowing you to demonstrate your natural leadership out on the water.

The current syllabus and guidance notes for the BC 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader award are available on the BCU website. All candidates for the award should consult these notes, especially those relating to the aims of the award, pre-requisites and assessed skills.


For a full outline of the course please refer to the BC syllabus. As an overview we will be assessing you on your ability to lead a group in no more than sea state 4/ force 4 winds with max 2kn of tide, 1m of surf and within one hour of safe landing. We will expect you to arrive at the course ready to lead a group of 3* paddlers and so should have detailed information on the local area and of the day’s forecasted weather.


Pre course information


You will have needed to have completed an official BC Sea kayak leader training (4* training) and a Coastal navigation and tidal planning courses. You will also need to have a current 16h first aid certificate that is recognised by the BCU as well as a VHF lisence.



You will need to have received evidence of completing the prerequisite courses and then together with a Leadership registration form (LR) send this off to your national governing body with the relevant fees. You will then be sent back your LR form with a stamp that you must then bring to your assessment. You will also need to bring your valid first aid certificate and VHF license to the assessment. You need to provide evidence of your experience so bring a log book or some written evidence of you sea kayaking experience with you. You should not book into an assessment until you have your paperwork in place to allow you to attend an assessment.



You may use borrowed equipment but it is recommended that you are familiar with this before the assessment. We appreciate some people travel from overseas for assessments and so this is taken into account. It is however important to have the correct equipment to safely lead a group in conditions. SKC has equipment available but for assessments this is limited to a kayak and paddle.



You should turn up to the assessment with detailed forecast for the two days and with tidal information that is relevant. The whole of the West Cornwall peninsula may be used to find the appropriate conditions. It is not expected for you to have all maps and charts but you should have the maps and or charts for the area you intend to lead the group. We have maps and charts of Cornwall available in the shop which you can purchase if required.


Question paper

You may be sent out a home question paper before the assessment that you will need to bring to the assessment.



The first day is normally personal skills orientated and the second is leadership orientated but be prepared for this to change due to conditions and group availability.


What it includes

The fee includes assessment


Location and times

09:30 Dove House, Tregoniggie TR11 4SN. We will all meet at the Sea Kayaking Cornwall shop to discuss the plans and get to meet everyone on the assessment. We normally finish around 16:00.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall is located on the edge of Falmouth. Follow signs to Falmouth which will take you passed ASDA. Continue on until the next roundabout with cannons on. Take the second exit towards Budock Water. Continue straight across the next roundabout. After about 200m turn left into Tregoniggie ind estate. We are down the hill on the left.


What to bring

All of the equipment suitable for your assessment. LR Form stamped by BC

Copy of your first aid certificate

VHF License

Log book showing your experience

BC number

Planning for the 2 days

Home question paper


We are looking forward to seeing you out on the water.

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What it includes

The course fee includes equipment if required. The equipment we can supply are wetsuits, thermal tops, water proof kayaking jackets, buoyancy aids, helmets, spray decks and of course kayaks and paddles. We use quality equipment maintained to a high standard to ensure you are comfortable and safe out on the water.  The fee also includes transport during the course if required. We also have hot showers and a drying room for you to use.  Our base has navigation equipment and a multimedia classroom to utilise for briefings and classes.  During your course our kitchen has an endless supply of fresh coffee and tea to get you started each morning.  We also have secure kayak storage if required during your time with us.