Sea Kayaking Cornwall ‘Women on the Water Weekend’

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June 2021.

Following on from our very successful Annual Symposium held in October each year, we are delighted to announce the first Sea Kayaking Cornwall ‘Women on the Water Weekend’.

The increased participation of women sea kayakers attending our courses and expeditions is a very positive reflection of our all inclusive policy. “The sea does not discriminate, it needs respect from all that choose to venture onto it”. We are proud to be associated with the growth of the sport in all areas, we encourage all paddlers to get inspired and find a “DEVOTION TO THE OCEAN”

The event will be held in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

There are two days of coaching opportunities to learn some new skills or refresh the old ones. The emphasis will be based on good quality coaching in a supportive environment.

During the weekend you can enjoy a choice of coached sessions and/or trips based around the beautiful Falmouth area in a relaxed, supportive environment led by women coaches supported by the Sea Kayaking Cornwall team.

The sessions will vary from Greenland rolling and surfing, to rescue skills and trips exploring the Cornish Coastline. The event will be held at our base, Tregedna Farm, where camping is available (included in the price). The venue has plenty of space to meet outdoors after the daily sessions to relax with a beer or a glass of wine and share the days experiences with friends old and new.

Leading the sessions on the water are inspirational coaches:

Julie Perren, Rachel Kehoe, Jackie Jones and Leander Parsons.

We would be delighted for you to join our event and bring your friends, but sign up soon as we are limiting the number of places!

'Women on the Water' Weekend Dates, Prices & Venue


Registration opens: Friday 18th June from 5pm
Weekend Course Days: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June 2021.


The weekend will be held at our base :
Sea Kayaking Cornwall
Tregedna Farm,
TR11 5HL.


All our prices include VAT.

What’s Included:

  • 2 nights camping (Friday 18th June/Saturday19th June) @ Tregedna Farm Campsite.
  • Two days of coaching.
  • Event T-shirt.

Accommodation bookings at Tregedna Farm Campsite for the weekend are done DIRECTLY WITH SEA KAYAKING CORNWALL and is part of the online booking process.

Not Included

Kayak and paddling kit

This can be arranged ‘prior’ to the event @ £60 per person for the 2 days.

Kayak/kit hire is done DIRECTLY WITH SEA KAYAKING CORNWALL and is part of the online booking process.

  • Transport to start locations in Cornwall.
  • Food and beverages during the weekend.

Weekend Courses

The course options are available when you reserve your place via our online booking system.


Greenland Paddling and Rolling
Introduction to Surf and Moving Water
Rescues and Safety
Sea Kayak Journey and Rock Hopping- two choices:


Greenland Paddling and Rolling
Intermediate Surf and Moving Water
Trip Planning and Expedition Skills
Sea Kayak Journey and Rock Hopping- two choices:

Course Descriptions

Greenland Paddling & Rolling Day

Greenland Rolling uses the body’s natural ability to float as its primary asset, enabling a strong, reliable roll, without depending on muscle strength. Rolling is a key skill for kayaking and also very helpful in developing other skills such as edging, bracing and playing in the surf – taking it a little too far just means you enjoy a roll!

During this course we will teach the fundamentals of efficient rolling, through demos as well as time on (and in!) the water. Floating and a strong knee drive are used in a range of different Greenland rolls. We will help with tips, tricks and exercises (on land and in the water) tailored to help each person on the way to become a confident kayak roller, either by rolling with a paddle, a norsaq, your hand, or even fist or elbow. Expect an aching core at the end of that day, and a joy of being in rather than just on the water.

You need to be dressed for full immersion (rolling and standing in the water to help others) and we strongly recommend a neoprene hood (or the Greenland tuiliq) and a nose clip.

Introduction to Surf and Moving Water

If you have never been in the surf before and want to learn the theory behind waves, work on the fundamental skills and get the basics right this is the course for you. We find small waves to work on support strokes and edging to keep you in control and upright in the surf. We will then move onto surfing small waves.

Intermediate Surf and Moving Water

The aim of the intermediate course is to consolidate your personal skills, surf your kayak with maximum control, confidently launch and land through the surf, and help you become a more responsible and knowledgeable paddler with a clearer understanding of safety protocols and rescues used in the surf zone.

Sea Kayak Journey and Rock Hopping - Intro-mediate

This is for those who are possibly newer to sea kayaking, maybe recovering from an injury or a little less able or simply you are not interested in clocking up mileage or adrenalin. Instead you wish to enjoy the simple peace, quiet and serenity of the ocean and Cornish estuaries. We purposefully search for calmer easier going conditions. Come along and enjoy yourself, after all sea kayaking is for everyone.

Sea Kayak Journey and Rock Hopping - Intermediate

Journey along the magnificent Cornish coast amongst the rocks, under the cliffs, into the caves, looking for wildlife and playing in the waves. To get the best out of the day you need to be at or around the intermediate / BC sea kayak award level to join the journey. Expect to land and launch through some surf.

Trip Planning and Expedition Skills

This course helps you understand what is often the most confusing part of sea kayaking – planning a trip and what to pack and carry with you.

We will cover the basics of maps and charts/weather/tides/safety kit and hopefully give you the confidence to begin planning your own trips, we then throw in a few tips and tricks to help you plan and pack for a weekend/week expedition.

Rescues and Safety

This will be a ‘wet day’ of rescues to deal with a variety of situations from the standard deep-water rescue all the way to the “hand of god” and the various eskimo rescues. It will be run in intermediate conditions to give participants the opportunity to get them correct in a controlled but challenging environment. Learn to use your towline in ways you never thought possible.

What To Bring - Recommended

  • Travel insurance.
  • Prepare for 2 breakfasts – 2 lunches – 2 dinners – plus snacks, hot drinks and soups for the time we are out.
  • Dry bags – various sizes.
  • Camping kit: Tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag (3-4 season).
  • Stove, pans and fuel/gas, plus a reliable means of lighting.
  • Water bottle
  • Thermos or “Jet boil” style cooker for keeping or heating liquids.
  • Paddling kit – suitable for cold-water paddling. Please contact us if you are uncertain that you have the correct gear.
  • Safety kit. We carry adequate safety kit. However, we suggest you bring the safety kit that you would normally paddle with. A group can never have enough safety equipment on a trip.
  • Sponge.
  • Sun cream.
  • Sunglasses and hat.
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera.
  • Headlamp/torch
  • Personal medication and first aid kit.
  • Clothing: warm clothes, warm hats, gloves and water-proofs.
  • Phone and power banks.
  • A Big Smile and happy vibes.

We look forward to sharing our “DEVOTION TO ENCOURAGING MORE WOMEN TO PADDLE IN OUR OCEANS”The Sea Kayaking Cornwall Team

Contact Us

Please give us a call if you have any queries or wish to discuss any of our courses or expeditions:

0044 (0)1326 250889 (office)
0044 (0) 7555 763695 (Shaun Rodgers)
0044 (0) 7901 511099 (Geoff Cater)

Sea Kayaking Cornwall, Tregedna Farm, Maenporth, TR11 5HL
19 June 2021 – 20 June 2021 all-day