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Expedition Skills

Expedition summary

This course is aimed at Intromediate/intermediate paddlers or are at a BCU 2-3* level, and are keen to learn essential skills to take a sea kayak into multiday expeditions. It is perfectly suited to any paddlers wishing to gain more experience before going on our Iceland, Alaska, Norway, Scotland, Brittany or Kefalonia expeditions. We will learn how to plan a trip and load our kayaks with everything we need for an overnight trip before setting off to discover the wonders of the Cornish coastline. We will introduce you to fishing, foraging, fire skills, shelter building, cooking and much more. The main emphasis of this course is to introduce you to the skills needed to enjoy multi-day trips and how to handle a kayak to get you where you want to go. The course also follows the ISKGA expedition skills module.

Expedition details

The Course follows the ISKGA expedition skills module

Course guidelinesNotes
Group Dynamics


Customer service and group management skills: Leaders should have the ability to lead a variety of personalities and make every effort to encourage all members of an expedition to achieve the aims and objectives initiated in the planning stage to paddle with a positive outcome.
Create and maintain shelter, rescue strategiesUsing a variety of techniques, candidates should be able to construct emergency shelter. These skills may have to be utilised in the event of damaged tents or lost equipment. Leaders may use either a tarp or other natural materials, and to understand how best to seek protection from the elements. Rescue: Guides must have a working knowledge of rescue techniques as well as having in place an emergency action plan.
Fire-skills                                                                                    Candidates should be able to demonstrate that they can light a fire using a variety of methods and in a variety of conditions including wind and rain. Demonstrate a suitable ‘Leave No Trace’ dismantling of fire and camp sites
HygieneGuides should be able to prepare food that has been foraged from the coastal environment in a hygienic manner and should have the appropriate food hygiene qualification, relevant to their home nation and the laws that govern the area of operations.
Packing a kayak, group equipmentThe guide must be able to demonstrate effective loading of a sea kayak to other group members, demonstrating trim for effective kayak handling and a suitable itinerary for individual and group members on a multi day expedition.
Camp selectionAn understanding of a suitable camp selection should be demonstrated. Camp locations must take into account the prevailing weather conditions as well as size, shelter, risk management, impact, local laws and group requirements.
Trip planning, single day & multi dayThe guide will have the ability to plan multi-day expeditions to allow for individual needs and desires within the group. The guide needs to show that they can utilise environmental factors to achieve expedition goals and they can organise resupply strategies and put in place emergency action plans to facilitate casualty and group evacuations.
EquipmentAs well as personal equipment the guide must be able to provide and arrange group equipment for a client based expedition including spare food and emergency shelter.
Provisioning and foragingThe candidate should have a basic knowledge of wild foods that are available along a journey to supplement provisions and a safe method for acquiring potable water. The guide should be familiar with the food sources that are available in the areas they are operating in and be able to provide adequate nutrition in the event of an emergency to sustain energy levels within the group until they can implement their emergency action plan.
Wild life & ecology


A good level of knowledge of geological history and a knowledge of the different animal species which are encountered in the areas of operating should be demonstrated.  In the event of an emergency an effective individual and group rescue plan can be initiated quickly and effectively. Guides must adhere to an established wildlife code, which shows consideration towards the environment and wildlife interaction, minimising disturbance yet still satisfying clients that they too have a right to co-exist in the natural environment.

Experience needed

You should be an INTROmediate/Intermediate paddler at or around the BCU 2-3* level.  We will cover distances of upto 10-15 miles (5 hours) a day depending on conditions.  You do not need to have camped from a sea kayak before. 

What it includes

The course fee includes equipment if required. The equipment we can supply are wetsuits, thermal tops, water proof kayaking jackets, buoyancy aids, helmets, spray decks and of course kayaks and paddles. We use quality equipment maintained to a high standard to ensure you are comfortable and safe out on the water.  The fee also includes transport during the course if required. We also have hot showers and a drying room for you to use.  Our base has navigation equipment and a multimedia classroom to utilise for briefings and classes.  During your course our kitchen has an endless supply of fresh coffee and tea to get you started each morning.  We also have secure kayak storage if required during your time with us.

Location and times

We meet between 09:00 – 09:30 at Sea Kayaking Cornwall, Dove House, Tregoniggie TR11 4SN. We will sit down in our briefing room at 9:30 to discuss individual needs and desires and get to meet everyone on the course. The finish time may vary depending on the chosen launch location and the plan for the day but we normally aim to finish around 16:00.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall is located on the edge of Falmouth. Follow signs to Falmouth which will take you passed ASDA. Continue on until the next roundabout with cannons on. Take the second exit towards Budock Water. Continue straight across the next roundabout.   After about 200m turn left into Tregoniggie ind estate. We are down the hill on the left.

What to bring

Camera to capture the action off the water. 

footwear to wear out on the water. 

Food for 2 x Lunch, 1 x evening meal, 1 x breakfast.  (Dried pasta and sauce, cereal or porridge and sandwiches, oh and treats.)

A flask of hot drink.

Spare warm clothes

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Tent (let us know if required)

Stove and pans (let us know if required)

We are looking forward to seeing you out on the water.

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What it includes

The course fee includes all of the equipment needed and instruction. The equipment we can supply is paddling jackets, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, spray decks, paddles and sea kayaks. We can also supply tents and stoves should you need. The price does not include flights this must be booked by you. Food is also not covered in the price.  We will have the opportunity to pick up supplies from Isafjordur.   You should make sure you have adequate travel insurance. Gas for stoves can be ordered during the booking process.