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HF Jeff Allen Throw Tow Rescue System
This rescue system has been designed to go hand in hand with the ‘Maybe a casualty, never a victim’ methods and strategies we teach for rescues and can be used for several different functions, as a tow system it can be set to variable lengths but comes as standard with 15 meters.

Available on backorder

Product Description

Jeff Allen Throw Tow

Developed by our very own Jeff Allen this is a very versatile sea kayak rescue system.  The early models were produced locally but now the system is manufactured under license by HF.  The two systems are, however, functionally identical.  The HF Throw tow bag comes with a plastic release buckle that can be attached to a buoyancy aid shoulder strap or another convenient location. You can also opt to have a stainless quick release snap-shackle as an alternative.

The system can be reversed so when used as a throw system can be projected into a rescue from the seat of your kayak, yet still be used as a tow system.  Having a strong clip at both ends of the system, means that once projected in to the incident, the casualty can, if able, clip it into their kayak or hold on, to be pulled clear of any danger.

The belt of the tow system is designed so that the anchor point of the bag can swivel around the paddler’s waist by the attachment of a stainless steel ‘D’ ring onto the bridle of the belt.

This allows the tow line to run freely when changing direction and also allows you to carry the tow line to the front of you when sitting in the kayak, which is handy if you anticipate needing it in the ‘Throw’ function whilst negotiating rock gardens.

Difficult landings:

The system really does come into its own when used to assist in difficult landings, initially in the landing of your own kayak using a ‘Swimtow’ technique, then quickly recovering it and deploying it as a Throwtow to help other members of your group land.

Surf rescues:

We have used the system effectively in up to 4ft of surf whilst towing rafted casualties in to the beach.  If you are acting as the anchor man at the back of a surf rescue you can rig the system so that when released it still performs effectively as a drogue.

Designed to be worn slung beneath the arm and released by using a quick release buckle attached to the shoulder of your PFD (Buoyancy aid).  The system can also be attached to the belt or using a fairlead and jam cleat be mounted to your kayak.

To learn how to use this rescue system effectively it is strongly advised that you attend one of our safety and rescue courses.

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