Sea Kayaking Cornwall is a company born of experience as well as award.

The Directors of Sea Kayaking Cornwall are well known for their epic circumnavigations and adventures. Between James and Shaun, they have kayaked tens of thousands of kilometers experiencing nearly every condition the sea could throw at them. Their in-depth knowledge and experience is what makes Sea Kayaking Cornwall unique.

All of the team at Sea Kayaking Cornwall are eager to pass on their knowledge and experiences, enabling others to share the environments and places they have been. Shaun and James only use respected and experienced guides/coaches who they know will keep you safe and give you the best possible experience out on the water.

Shaun Rodgers - The South African, Irish, Greek “Soulpaddler”

Shaun loves guiding and experiential coaching. He has kayaked extensively around the world both personally and professionally.

His sea kayaking journey has given him the opportunity to obtain knowledge, a varied coaching and teaching style, obtained from a life lived in different parts of the world.

He has coached, guided, taught and been invited to symposiums and events in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Iceland , South Africa, Zambia, ,Zimbabwe, Mozambique and believes the journey has only just begun as every location offers new experiences, new people, new cultures and most of all something new to learn………

He is now living in Cornwall and keeps a view that he is still “advancing his paddling” continually moving forward to offer clients high-quality customer care, courses and expeditions.

In 2007, having sold his printing business and an outdoor adventure farm in South Africa, Shaun moved with his family to the Greek island of Kefalonia, where he worked as a commercial sea kayak guide for 6 years. He took time to explore and expedition paddle a variety of areas and islands, including trips across the Aegean Sea from Athens to Turkey and numerous Greek island circumnavigations. His main aim was to enjoy his paddling, family and children while they were still young.

In 2013 he joined Sea Kayaking Cornwall as a co owner and director.

Shaun is a Paddle UK Leader and an Advanced guide. He has mentored and trained coastal and advanced guides from around the world, completed Arctic survival training and REC level 5 first aid training.

When he is not attending to business affairs or replying to your emails as quickly as possible you will find him on the water coaching or guiding, which is truly his sea kayaking passion, on Sea Kayaking Cornwall’s varied expeditions which he designs, develops and leads with his alternative approach.

James Roberts - ‘The New School Trickster’

James joined the team as a Director and co-owner of Sea Kayaking Cornwall in 2021. Those of you that have been on a course or local expedition at SKC over the last 6 years have no doubt met him and seen him in action. We look forward to his continued enthusiasm for kayaking and we are excited to watch his development in paddlesports and the industry.

James’s passion is paddle sports, primarily sea kayaking and expeditions. However, he is trained and qualified coach in many disciplines including white water kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboarding.

He enjoys trying to perform freestyle kayak moves in the surf and can often be found playing in this environment. He’s spent a lot of time fine-tuning his skills and will often make techniques look effortless.

With over 10 years experience he’s been able to develop his skills as a coach, leader and guide by working alongside some of the UK’s best coaches and developing his own style. He really enjoys teaching and helping students find their eureka moment. He hopes to add some finesse to your paddling.

James is a highly qualified Paddle UK advanced sea kayak leader & coach. He is qualified to train and assess personal performance awards, leaders and guides under the British national governing body – Paddles Up Training.

He has run expeditions in Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and the Isles of Scillies, but has also kayaked beyond British waters in Croatia, Spain, Kefalonia, New Zealand and Chile.

James enjoy’s the challenges open water crossings bring and has crossed to the Scilly’s solo and to Lundy and back from the mainland in December!

James studied Geography at University and has great interest in the environmental issues that face our coastlines, rivers and wild spaces. He enjoys producing media content and can often be seen with a camera in his hands or flying his drone!

James grew up kayaking in Cornwall and has been a full time member of the Sea Kayaking Cornwall coaching team for over 6 years , he finds great joy in showing people the best of the Cornish conditions and coast – he is the future of Sea Kayaking Cornwall.

Geoff Cater - ‘The Circumnavigator’

Geoff joined Sea Kayaking Cornwall as a co-owner and director in January 2019. He has had a connection with Sea Kayaking Cornwall for over 10 years, commercially coaching, guiding and working with the team. Geoff retired as Director at the end of 2022 but still plays an active role in the Sea Kayaking Cornwall Team.

He brings a wealth of experience with him off and on the water. Geoff had a career in the fire service for 30 years, starting as a firefighter and ending with a senior position having completed many roles both regionally and nationally. There is not much he has not seen or experienced in a long and successful career in an environment where risk assessment and risk management is key and crucial.

Geoff has a sound understanding of business management having developed and worked in outdoor centres, SME businesses, risk, incident management, first-aid and something he personally strives for on a daily basis – ‘caring for people’.

His very considered, calm and empathetic approach to coaching and guiding is spoken about and thoroughly enjoyed by many of our customers.

Geoff has a thing for circumnavigations. So far he has paddled around Great Britain, the Emerald Isle and some smaller landmasses. He is currently planning his next adventure………

Ben ‘Postie’ Briggs

Since discovering sea kayaking, Ben has rarely been seen out of his boat! His love of the sport is clear from his beaming smile, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the Cornish coastline.

Since returning to his home county of Cornwall, Ben has made it his mission to explore every possible inch of shoreline and is our resident cave expert. His familiarity with local history, wildlife and geological features coupled with his considerable experience of local sea conditions makes him an excellent guide, and he loves showing clients around this world-class paddling destination.

Ben has a military background, which has no doubt enhanced his unflappable, practical nature and situational awareness, however there is nothing regimented about his style. His primary target is to make sure everyone has fun, whatever their level of experience. 

Helen Bartlett

Helen fell in love with kayaking when she realised it fulfilled her need for exploration, escapism and time outdoors. However, the fact it also meant being active, getting a shot of adrenaline AND meeting amazing people, really sealed the deal!

Kayaking has been a major part of her life for the past 11 years and has taken her all over the UK as well as Sweden, Norway, Slovenia and Nepal. There is nothing Helen loves more than a multi-day expedition, living out of her kayak, wild camping in remote places and immersing herself in nature. 

Having coached for a number of years on the side of her day job in marketing, Helen now spends her Summers coaching full-time and enjoys sharing her love of sea kayaking with the wider paddling community.

George Shaw - ‘The Tideracer'

George is a Paddle UK UKCC Level 3 Advanced Water Endorsed Sea Kayak coach and guide, he was brought up in the south of England and now lives in the Isle of Man.

His speciality is coaching in exciting, rough, more advanced conditions, however as an all round coach and guide, he loves every aspects of the sport.

His accomplishments and experience include expeditions in a variety locations and environments, George has been fortunate to be involved in expeditions to Norway (Loften Isands and Tromso), Aleutian Islands, Outer Hebredies and Skye.

He has also completed various open crossings through out the British Isles and Ireland, and in his spare time George likes nothing more than playing in tide races and surfing in sea and surf kayaks.

George loves leading, assisting and planning ‘new’ trips with the team at Sea Kayaking Cornwall, helping to keep the ‘expedition and course menu’ fresh, it’s great to share our ‘Devotion To The Ocean’ with you, welcome aboard George!

A few words from George

My strength of character as a paddler has been mentored by the people I have met” and the coaches and people that have helped me along the way.

I have no time to battle egos or small minds, my coaching views are always observational and never personnel.

My life is better on the water, I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my love for the ocean with you.

Julie Perren

Julie enjoys the freedom to explore the coastline by sea kayak having paddled in the many diverse regions that the UK has to offer from Scotland, Anglesey and Pembrokeshire to Cornwall and the Channel Islands.

Further afield she has enjoyed discovering France, Norway and Western Greenland and keeps a sketchbook to hand to record the scenery along the journey. She is currently a Paddle UK ⌗Shepaddles Ambassador and has been co-organising the Women’s Sea Kayaking Festival, Devon since 2015.

Julie is a Paddle UK Performance Coach, Advanced Sea Kayak Leader with Moderate Water Endorsement, and Sea Kayak Coach Provider

Julie has been associated with Sea Kayaking Cornwall for many years and when she is not paddling the world she makes time to visit us, paddle with us and coach with us in Cornwall.

Julie is certainly one of the most active and progressive coaches we know, always choosing to challenge herself and inspiring people, great to have you on the team ‘Jules’.

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