"We have all filled out forms with boxes forcing us to categorize who we are. Here at Lendal we draw our own box, and label it “Other.” We are engineers, scientists, and athletes with backgrounds as diverse as the places we have paddled. We unite around our shared commitment and passion for adventure."

— Lendal in their own words

Lendal & Sea Kayaking Cornwall

Two longstanding respected paddling brands – world class paddles, state of the art manufacturing in the USA, a respected sea kayaking business, a shared love for paddling, a deep and caring relationship towards each other and a real respect for the people we work with. That is why Sea Kayaking Cornwall and Lendal work so well together.

Two very modern and progressive businesses that have risen above the challenges they have faced, they live in a modern world, but have kept true to their values and beliefs of who they are, as people and business owners.

“Paddle on” is what we do and this symbiotic philosophy, dedication and our continued “Devotion To The Ocean” defines who we are !

Welcome to LENDAL paddles and their United Kingdom distributor, SEA KAYAKING CORNWALL, long may our journey continue and long may we paddle together!

For any paddle enquiries contact info@seakayakingcornwall.com

Paddles we stock

Each Lendal paddle is built by hand in Rochester, New York by their team of engineers. This group of mad scientists also manufacture most of the in-house paddle components. This gives Lendal the freedom to constantly improve without using generic parts made by someone else who may not share our passion.

Lendal Storm

The STORM paddle is best in class for its combination of weight, strength, and performance. We believe that the benchmark of a truly great paddle is one that performs day-in, day-out in the worst conditions Mother Nature can dish out. The STORM’s expedition DNA makes it the only choice for those true explorers pushing the boundaries of kayaking from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

You don’t need to be a world-class voyageur to appreciate the benefits of paddling with the STORM. The STORM is a high performance dihedral foil-back paddle designed for every type of paddler. Ultralight, controllable, with a predictable feel, this paddle will inspire paddlers in whatever conditions they face. We take immense pride in the fact that we have made the STORM the perfect “must-have” paddle for all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

The STORM: setting the bar for high-performance sea kayak paddles.

Dihedral blade that is perfect for any paddler, from beginners to experts. Smooth entry and exit on every stroke. Doesn’t require drip rings.

Blade provides real purchase without sacrificing predictability or control.

Among the lightest, strongest touring paddles on the market, expedition proven. Unlike other brands’ lightweight paddles, ours don’t come with a warning to avoid use in rough water.

Comfortable, grip-shaped ergonomic shaft.

Completely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Lendal Cadence X

The Cadence X is the result of customer requests to use our popular Cadence blade shape and give it more surface area for additional power.  We added 80cm2 and the results are amazing.

The Cadence X has loads of power, is extremely stiff, and light weight which means you can navigate any environment with confidence.  Whether you are touring, surfing, playing in a tide race, or enjoying a sunny weekend cruise the Cadence X is your paddle of choice.

Available in two designs; Red Hex or black carbon fibre.

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Lendal Cadence

The Cadence is a high angle paddle designed for use by all paddlers. For novices, the Cadence inspires confidence, helping them quickly develop intermediate paddling skills. For advanced and professional kayakers, the Cadence provides a paddle capable of tackling the most challenging waters.

The Cadence is the lightest paddle in our line up, weighing only 610-650g in full carbon. Its featherweight build is noticeable in both swing weight and strain resistance on the paddle stroke. This results in outstanding purchase, making those long distance days fly by effortlessly. With no discernible flex in any direction across the blade, the power transfer is clean and crisp.

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