Expedition Outline 

Shaped by billions of years of shifting sand and sea, Shetland’s natural landscape is among the most dramatic in the world. It is also teeming with wildlife. From orcas, puffins, seals, humpback and Fin whales to colonies of Gannets and dolphins so plenty of wildlife opportunities

While exploring the Shetlands you will experience secret beaches, epic caves, jurassic coastline & so much more


Shetland weather in June 

Daily high temperatures from 11°C to 13°C, rarely falling below 9°C or exceeding 16°C with around 19 hours of daylight 


On this expedition you will be required to bring your own paddling kit and vehicle/share vehicles, for kayakers that maybe traveling by train or from outside the UK, we will be able to assist you with a kayak and transport, please contact us and discuss this prior to booking onto the trip info@seakayakingcornwall.com


Shetlands is an amazing destination land or sea.

We will meet early morning on the 6th of June at the Lerwick ferry port ,we then pack, prepare and plan our expedition. We choose either a wild camp or campsite nearby for our first and last nights accommodation. We will launch from the most suitable area based on the weather forecast and the weeks plan.  

The aim for the remainder of the week is to be self-contained, living from the kayaks and finding wild campsites on this remote coastline. 

Looking forward to sharing our
with you!
 – Sea Kayaking Cornwall Team

What's included?

Sea Kayaking Cornwall’s experienced guide with area knowledge offering advice, assistance, planning and safety throughout the trip.

*Kayak. We can supply suitable expedition kayaks.

*Buoyancy aids /PFD. 

*Spray decks.


*Available to rent

We do suggest using your own kayak and kit on this expedition so that you are comfortable and have practiced, prepared and packed your kayak before arrival.This is to ensure that all your kit fits and you are familiar with all aspects of your expedition kit and kayak.

Please confirm you have your own kayak and kit, we do not plan to take a trailer, and we are aware that most people booking on this type of trip, own their own kayaks.

Please inform us if this is a problem for you, we  have limited availability to transport boats on roof racks.

What's not included?

Transport to start location Lerwick on Shetland.  

Ferry – North Link Ferry to Lerwick, Shetland and return ferry to Aberdeen

Food and beverages during the trip. 

Camping equipment.

Commercial campsites if required.

Shuttle fees during the week, if a relocation is required due to weather conditions.

Time and Location

Weather permitting we will look to paddle all day exploring various locations, as some of us will be bringing vehicles, this can give us more options to move around to look at new locations or avoid bad weather.

Please ensure you have all of your supplies of food, drink and gas or fuel for the week with you before you arrive. We arrive pack and leave after a night on the overnight ferry.

What to bring

  • Travel insurance.
  • Food. Prepare for 9 breakfasts – 9 lunches – 9 dinners – plus snacks, hot drinks and soups for the time we are out.
  • Dry bags – various sizes.
  • Camping kit: Tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag suitable for cold/wet conditions (3-4 season).
  • Stove, pans and fuel/gas (water bottle or flexible water bag), plus a reliable means of lighting.
  • Thermos or “Jet boil” style cooker for keeping or heating liquids.
  • Paddling kit – suitable for cold-water paddling. Water temperature is cold! We recommend to bring: poggies and/or gloves; large jacket or storm cag that will fit over your buoyancy aid to help you regulate temperature on the water; dry suits or paddling trousers with a dry top with a choice of either thin or thick thermals depending on the temperature. We do not recommend paddling in a wet suit. However, if you choose to, then bring extra clothing, and ensure you have good coverage for your feet – Sealskin or similar gortex socks and thick paddling shoes. Please contact us if you are uncertain that you have the correct gear! 
  • Safety kit. We carry adequate safety kit. However, we suggest you bring the safety kit that you would normally paddle with. A group can never have enough safety equipment on a trip!
  • Sponge.
  • Sun cream.
  • Sunglasses and hat.
  • Insect repellent, tick removers and midge spray.
  • Camera.
  • Headlamp/torch
  • Personal medication and first aid kit.
  • Reading material if the elements keep us off the water. 
  • Suitable bags to carry your kit in up the beach (IKEA bag).
  • Clothing. At least two changes of warm clothes, warm hats, gloves and suitable waterproof clothing.
  • Suitable footwear and change of clothes for walking in wet conditions and changing into at the end of the day. 
  • Phone and power banks. Shetland has cell phone reception in many but not all places. Ensure you have sufficient power banks.
  • Money, as there is cafes and restaurants to visit. Not all will accept card payment.
  • Fishing kit. There will be the opportunity to fish, so bring a hand line or fishing rod. Please note: This is not a guaranteed way of supplementing your food!

At a Glance..

  • Price: £995 per person
  • Dates: 7th June 2025 - 14th June 2025

Download the expedition PDF

We have put all the information on this page and more into a handy reference document for you to download.

What experience do I need?

To get the most out of the expedition you should be a competent Intermediate / Advanced paddler and be comfortable in conditions associated with force 4/5 winds. 

If you have any questions regarding the required ability please feel free to contact us on info@seakayakingcornwall.com  

Read our guide on levels of sea kayaking ability

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