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British Canoeing 1, 2 and 3 star

Course summary

The BC star awards levels 1 to 3 star can be trained and assessed during our standard courses. All you have to do is book into the right level course and let us know at the start of the course that you are interested in the BC qualification.

For BC 1 Star awards book into an introduction 1,2 or 5 day course.

For BC 2 Star please book into an INTROmediate 2 or 5 day course. We cannot assess the BC 2 star during the course as there is an element of Canoe in the award that we do not cover. We do however cover far more than the 2 star syllabus during the Intromediate course

For BC 3 Star please book into an Intermediate 2 or 5 day course and let us know at the start of the course if you would like an assessment which will be carried out on the last day of the course.

For more information on the awards including the current syllabus click the following link.

British Canoeing star awards 1-3

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What it includes

The course fee includes equipment if required. The equipment we can supply are wetsuits, thermal tops, water proof kayaking jackets, buoyancy aids, helmets, spray decks and of course kayaks and paddles. We use quality equipment maintained to a high standard to ensure you are comfortable and safe out on the water.  The fee also includes transport during the course if required. We also have hot showers and a drying room for you to use.  Our base has navigation equipment and a multimedia classroom to utilise for briefings and classes.  During your course our kitchen has an endless supply of fresh coffee and tea to get you started each morning.  We also have secure kayak storage if required during your time with us.